Our amazing photographers in The event

Sporttirakki - Heidi Hendrell - Jukka Pätynen

Jukka Pätynen is the founder and photographer at He's been shooting in agility competitions for 18 years, and he has covered more than 20 major international FCI competitions among countless domestic competitions and events. Jukka serves as the event photographer for the Finnish Agility Association and the Finnish Kennel Club, and his photos have been regularly published in national and foreign press.

In the event you can find Jukka to manage our amazing livestream and taking photos in The ring.

Check out Jukka's gallery here!

Tiia Tahvanainen Photography - Tiia Tahvanainen

Pop up -photo shooting with Tiia

Use our beautiful nature to get stunning photos!

My name is Tiia Tahvanainen and I am a professional dog photographer from Finland. I have been photographing for years and years but about five years ago changed from horses to dogs and I haven't regretted that for a day! However I'm kind of a rare case (as a dog photographer) because I have never owned a dog! Definitely some day though! 

I have an honor to offer you easy but amazing photo sessions during Agifest. These sessions will combine all the awesomeness of this event: the Finnish midsummer with its nightless night, the beautiful and green lakeside location and of course you who have thought the best way to spend the Midsummer is with dogs! I couldn't agree more! 

My style as a dog photographer is natural, realistic but yet harmonic. I am an expert to get good photos of dogs who don't stay still or 'never pose for the camera'. And that same goes for the owner - I always recommend taking photos together with your dog! Those are the memories you will come back even after years! 

So stay tuned! We will open a waiting list at the end of January and soon after you will be able to book your session!

To be a photographer in our event

We are happy to have photographers in our competition. In order to offer you and the competitors the best experience, we require accreditation of each photographer.
If you want to apply for accreditation for our competition, fill out the attached form. Accreditation is free of charge.

At the competition venue, filming with a mobile phone from outside the ring is allowed without accreditation.

If you need advice or have any questions, our unicorn is here for you.

Please, check more information in our MEDIA page!