Learn from The bests!

Jouni Orenius

Jouni and his beautiful family are living in southern Sweden. He has been teasing us Finns with his short visits to his birth country and thankfully you get to enjoy him in our seminars once more! 

Jouni has presented us with his talents in both Finnish and Swedish national teams in all the major events for several years. He is known from his speedy and furious handling, where the dogs skills and the handlers physique are in harmony. 

Come and check out what speedy challenges and tips he has to offer this time!

Jesus Fernandez Crespo

Jesus is one of Spains top Judges and handlers. As a competitor his relentless attitude gives him the edge to fight for victory even under tremendous pressure. Not surprisingly, he is a familiar sight in European Open, AWC and WAO, visiting the podium more often than not.

His speedy and tricky courses and his training style that is based on the dogs confidence and skills have created this one of a kind success story!

This is a unique chance for you to take part in Jesus's story. He is friendly and supportive, but uncompromising when it comes to fighting your way through the course. Come find out what in means to go all in and "fight" in an agility course!


Zeljko Gora

Simply put, the number one Handler in Croatia!

Zeljko has had multiple different dogs in international arenas for quite some time. Zeljko's physical, fast and efficient handling style is easy on the eyes and often leads to the highest podium. 

When coaching takes no excuses, so you better get ready to step up your game! You will definately enjoy this one!

Max Sprinz 

Max is known from his effortless, elegant and resolute handling. His gracefull moves have led to multiple achievement Agility World Championships and European open!

Max's skills in both small and large categories are undeniable. He brings with him that strong german competence we grown accustomed to when watchig the major agility tournaments around the world. 

Come and pick up the latest knowledge in handling and training your dog. This is something you don't want to miss.


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