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Originally a Finnish online platform for dog sports lovers, SportsK9 (SporttiRakki.fi) has helped Finnish handlers improve their training skills and reach their goals faster since 2017. Together with our members, we also design high-quality SportsK9 dog sports products – all 100% designed and handmade in Finland. Already handler favourites in Finland, these premium products are now available throughout Europe from the online SportsK9 store


You can meet them on The event! 


Kisakallio offers a wonderful setting for meetings, seminars and training. Small group meetings and other events are held at the villas. The lakeside Restaurant Rantamakasiini is perfect for corporate parties, and the sports college's hall and training facilities can accommodate even large seminars, training days and conferences. 

The surrounding nature, our well-being professionals and delicious food complete every occasion. Fulfilling the needs of customers and providing service are they pride and praised skills. 


You can meet them on The event! 


They goal is to always help to customer comprehensively in the best way possible, putting emphasis on the outcome.

Funkitonaalinen Eläinterapia provide comprehensive services such as animal therapy, education and sharing of information.

This diverse form of therapy has been developed on the basis of customers’ needs – by listening to their worries, concerns and needs. 

Successful outcomes guide they work.


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