Registration and payment


The registration is FINALLY OPEN and it will stay open until 21.4.2024, or until we reach 600 teams. Registration will be continued until 9.6.2024 if 600 teams is not reached. 


If you need help registrating, you can find it HERE

Payment and changes

The price for all runs is 100€ / dog

Receiver: Agility Festivals ry

Bank Account: FI69 5730 0821 3486 42 


ref. 20 24068

Physical address: Agility Festivals ry, Säveltie 8, 09810 NUMMI

You can make changes or sell your spot (by yourself) untill 09.06.2024. 

The changes will be allowed only through Google Forms (which will be opened later).

Video tutorial for foreign competitors

Competion Format



Team finals

Collect your own team (four dogs) and register without an additional fee with a google form that will be published later. Team final will be a Team relay (similar to European Open).

There are three height categories in the team Finals; SMALL (XS/S), MEDIUM (M), LARGE (SL/L) and jumping heights will be based on the lowest height category.

Teams will collect points from their individual runs (thursday-saturday). TOP10 from SMALL and MEDIUM category and TOP 15 from LARGE category will be eligible to participate in the Team Finals.

Individual finals

Final tickets will be given as follows:

Maximum dogs for the finals per height category